Anal Sex: Essentials For Success

Is anal stimulation something that you want to experiment with?

Sensational is a good butt fucking, but good resources on fucking butts these days seem to be lacking. A controversial word war of appalling vs. amazing awaits any soul brave enough to navigate the ins and outs of internet anal culture. Finding a guide that does not include fearmongering or bullets pointing you in the wrong direction is comparable to uncovering a sex shop worker who refuses to recommend cheap, toxic, jelly dildos as good “beginner” toys.  Far from impossible, obviously, just irritatingly more difficult than it fucking should be.

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Another attack on healthcare for poor people with uteri

uterus-with-swordThe republican party recently made another jab at shutting down public access to reproductive healthcare and family planning services with a bill to end government funding of Planned Parenthood. Governor Rick Perry made a public statement claiming the organization should have their non-profit status taken away. This gross position stems from a hate video circulating that states the clinics have been receiving unlawful financial support from scientific research groups that study donated fetal tissue.

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Moka G-Vibe

Amazing G-spot vibrator or pubic bone thumping menace? Behold, the Picobong Moka. The shape is what originally drew me towards it. It very closely resembles the LELO Ella dildo, which I also recently reviewed, so I expected that I would love it equally if not more. It is made of hard ABS plastic with a smooth silicone finish, so it is slightly less flexible than the pure silicone Ella. It is also slightly longer, with a bigger curve, and the g-spotting head has more surface area.

My feelings about the Moka as a g-spotting toy are pretty mixed. Sometimes I use this vibe and find that it works wonderfully. The flat wide tip makes it easy to stimulate my g-spot and the vibrations feel pleasant internally, but the radical curve and the Moka’s rigidity make a bad combination when it comes to my anatomy in particular because that edge occasionally hooks onto my pubic bone in a painful way. Read more


The LELO Ella is well known in the sex blogging community. Most people have lauded it as the ultimate g-spotting tool, or the first sex toy to ever teach them how to squirt. It has helped countless people find their G-spots and learn more about their bodies in general. It is loved by many, and disliked by few. With that being said I definitely agree with the general consensus that this is one of the best G-spot massagers out there.

The Ella is a luxury toy if I ever did see one. When examining it more closely the word “exquisite” comes to mind. The signature LELO box it arrives in is gorgeous and sturdy enough to reuse for storage. I do not have the space to keep a bunch of boxes around, but LELO has my back because the Ella comes with a satin storage pouch for that exact reason. Since it is made of a very matte silicone it does not attract a lot of lint anyway, but the satin bag still helps keep it clean which is nice. Read more

Under the Bed Restraint System

Confession time: even though I take my bondage very seriously I do not currently have the money to purchase an expensive set-up for restraining my partner or myself during sex. Good Vibrations saved the day for me when they sent us the Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System for review. This was designed for those of us who would like to experience spread eagle style bondage without the hassle, commitment, or expense of building a fully operational sex dungeon.

The UBRS is pretty simple in design. It is just a tangled up, H-shaped, polypropylene (or “backpack strap material” as my friend Epiphora calls it) webbing with nickel-free metal hardware that is meant to be placed under a mattress for quick and easy bondage. Once positioned correctly there are four straps that stick up from the edges of the bed to which one can attach the included wrist and ankle cuffs. Read more

Blog Tour: Panty Edition

Try All The Sex ToysI was recently tagged by an overwhelming number of wonderful people (including Ali’s Addiction, Red Hot Rosaline, and Ninja Sexology) to participate in this massive internet tour in which bloggers nominate each other to talk about our personal writing process. Each participant is given four questions regarding their blog and prompted to post their answers the following week. This tour was not started by sex bloggers, so I am really glad that it eventually reached our neck of the woods. Those of us who blog about sex in general have a lot to offer because we are having the type of conversations online that many people won’t in person. Sex bloggers often serve the role of educators, and we play an important part in teaching people about consent, contraceptives, anatomy, sex toys, relationships, etc. So, as a proud sex blogger, I welcome you to accompany me as I share a little about myself and my writing. Read more

Bendy Beads

My lovely friends at Good Vibrations sent me on my most recent anal adventure when they mailed me the Fun Factory Bendy Beads to review. This is not my first beaded toy. I own similarly textured dildos and probes, but the Bendy Beads are shaped more like the traditional anal beads used in pornography. The difference is that the Bendy Beads are hygienically superior to the jelly rubber anal beads or the unfinished wood and cotton string bullshit you can find in some of those sleazy sex shops. (I have seen them. They are real, and they are horrifying.)

This type of toy takes some preparation for me to use. Rather than just whipping them out and popping them in for a quick fix I had to take time out of my day just to get my ass ready to test these out, so this review has taken me longer to write than others in the past. When it comes to the Bendy Beads I always have to start with an intensive warm up. Read more


Today’s review features a 100% silicone dildo sent to me by the wonderful folks at SheVibe. The Velvet is the smallest in a line of uniquely shaped dildos made by Fuze Silicone. These toys were designed to be used in a strap-on harness and stimulate the wearer with lovely ridges at the base. There is also a hole at the bottom for inserting a tiny bullet vibrator into.

This toy was designed specifically so that it would be long enough to use in a strap-on harness and slim enough for those who want less girth. It is about five and a half inches long, and only one inch wide. Fuze does make larger dildos with the same basic design if you like the shape but need something with more width. It is moderately representational with a defined head and veins around the shaft. Read more

Thrustmaster 3000

Hey dildo warriors! Panty here with another sexalitious review for you all today. I am super excited about this one because today we are reviewing a sex toy that is really unique compared to all the hundreds of toys I have tried so far. I got the recommendation from my boyfriend (who knew men could be so in touch with their sexual selves lol.) So even though it was $401 I knew it was a good investment. Read more

CONTEST OVER – Enter to Win Under the Bed Restraints

Hello and welcome to our first giveaway ever! The wonderful folks over at Good Vibes were generous enough to send me a free Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System to give to one lucky contest winner. Good Vibrations is a sex positive retailer with a mission to enhance their customers’ sex lives and promote healthy attitudes about sex. I really love them, and I think you should check out their awesome online store.

To enter the giveaway simply use the Rafflecopter widget below to complete as many or as few of the criteria as you wish. The more you complete the more entries you will receive and more chances you will have of winning the Under the Bed Restraint System! If I email you to inform you that you have won you must be willing to give me your name and address within a one week time frame; failure to do so will result in forfeiting your prize and a new winner will be chosen. Read more

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