Ass Facts

 Everything to know about my butt!


  • Longest item inserted anally was about 12 inches long.

It was an 18 inch, jelly, double dildo. I remember to this day how horrible it was. The deep insertion was great and all, (probably not the safest with the lack of a flared base- although I had 6 extra inches to hang on to,) but the toxic toy gave my ass chemical burn so bad that it felt like someone poured hot-sauce in there. It was not sexy in the slightest. Please do not use jelly or other toxic toys. There are so many better options out there.


  • Widest item inserted anally was 1.75 inches in diameter.

After failing at vaginal insertion the first couple times, I tried using my Cush dildo anally. Surprisingly, this was much easier to achieve with the absence of my pubic bone getting in the way. It was still a little too much for me, but I now know that my ass is much better at adjusting to large toys than my vagina.


  • Longest amount of time wearing a butt plug was about 8 hours straight.

The first 30 minutes with the Neo Plug was the most uncomfortable as my body was trying to adjust to the new sensation. I had to resist the initial urge to push the plug out, but when I eventually relaxed it stayed in without any trouble. After the first hour with it in I completely forgot it was even there. It was a wonderful experience. I need more butt plugs. SEND ME BUTT PLUGS.


  • Largest number of spankings, whacks, thwacks, and floggings during impact play ever endured in a row was about 300.

This was executed by using a hand, paddle, hairbrush handle, flogger, and a crop. It was beautiful. I just wish I had taken a picture of my ass the next day to display here.


  • Water based lube may or may not work for my butt.

I have tried several types of water based lubricant anally, and every single time it has resulted in the same thing. I do not know how to say this in a pretty way, so I won’t. It makes me feel like I have diarrhea. Whether the consistency is gel-like or thin and slippery, it is always the same. It gives me actual stomach cramps. I have no idea why this is. Silicone lube never gives me this problem. Someone please explain this to me.

I love you all from the heart of my bottom.

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