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My lovely friends at Good Vibrations sent me on my most recent anal adventure when they mailed me the Fun Factory Bendy Beads to review. This is not my first beaded toy. I own similarly textured dildos and probes, but the Bendy Beads are shaped more like the traditional anal beads used in pornography. The difference is that the Bendy Beads are hygienically superior to the jelly rubber anal beads or the unfinished wood and cotton string bullshit you can find in some of those sleazy sex shops. (I have seen them. They are real, and they are horrifying.)

This type of toy takes some preparation for me to use. Rather than just whipping them out and popping them in for a quick fix I had to take time out of my day just to get my ass ready to test these out, so this review has taken me longer to write than others in the past. When it comes to the Bendy Beads I always have to start with an intensive warm up.

Step 1. Mental preparation. This is not actually a physical warm-up, but it is just as important as any other step. This type of toy requires being in the mood for intense anal play, and for me that sometimes takes giving myself a mental pep talk.

Step 2. Deep cleaning. Everybody has a different preference for how they go about anal prep. Some like using an anal douche or an enema to make sure they are all cleaned out before they are willing to participate in anal play. Me? I am not afraid of fecal matter or getting it on my toys, but I do like to use the bathroom beforehand and keep baby wipes nearby for clean-up.

Step 3. Fingering or other external stimulation. These beads are slightly larger than other sets of beads that I have used before so I like to warm up with light fingering, external vibrations, or a good rim job to relax my anal sphincter.

Step 4. LUBE. All of the lube. Forever. The Bendy Beads are made of 100% medical grade silicone, which is fucking awesome. However, Fun Factory silicone is especially draggy and has this terrible habit of eating all my water based lube. Since this is a toy that I am constantly inserting, pulling out, and inserting again they tend to dry out fairly quickly; so every time I removed the beads from my ass I needed more lube to reinsert them.

Step 5. Patience. I have to take my time lubing up each bead and slowly working them inside my body one at a time. There is no such thing as thrusting this thing in all willy-nilly. Trust me.

Like I said, these beads are a little bigger than other anal beads I have tried in the past, but I like them and I still think the size is manageable. Even a total beginner could handle the first bead with enough prep; it is the smallest of the five at only .75 of an inch in diameter. If you can take a finger or two in your ass then you can probably handle the first couple beads. The last bead is about 1.25 inches wide, which is a little less girth than the average sized penis. One of the things I love about toys with a graduating size is that they are great for working your way up to larger insertables. At no point did I feel like the beads were too wide, but it did feel a little deep for my taste.

Something I have noticed about anal beads in general is that they are often fairly long for anal toys. The Bendy Beads are no exception coming in at about seven inches of usable length. I am no stranger to deep anal penetration. It is something I actually really enjoy. However, there is something about this toy that just wasn’t doing it for me when I had it fully inside my ass. Like, it sort of poked my insides and hurt a little. Many people will not be able to take the full length of this toy, and others like me will simply not want to. Some people may love the poking and prodding feeling of having it inserted completely. Whether this length is right for you all depends on how you intend to use it. I took all five beads in each of my testing sessions, but for personal use I prefer to only insert the first three beads.

Very firm silicone was used to make this toy. I can tell because there is very little squish or give to the beads themselves. Although, the entire structure is very flexible. In fact, the Bendy Beads are so flexible that they can be wrapped around and worn as a bracelet if you have small enough wrists. There is no string between these beads; it is all one solid piece made via an injection mold. Fun Factory describes the Bendy Beads as a chain of “elliptic shaped elements of varying sizes” which is just a fancy way of saying that the beads are egg-shaped as opposed to regular spherical beads, and that they are not all the same size. Ovoidal beads do make insertion a little easier than if they were perfectly round, which I dig. However, this also means that the Bendy Beads give less of a popping sensation when you pull them out than some other styles of traditional anal beads. This is not necessarily a bad thing; just something to consider when deciding whether these are right for you.

Another thing you may notice is that rather than being smooth, the Bendy Beads are slightly textured with a raised ribbon of silicone snaking around each bead. This ribbon does not provide much sensation, but it is not bothersome either. It adds a little to the elegant design of the beads. The curled handle at the base of the toy was a pretty nice touch as well. It functions well enough as a flared base so that the toy won’t get lost inside the body, and it works effectively when pulling the beads out. I like how my fingers can wrap around and through the hole in the handle, so even when they are all lubed up I won’t lose my grip. Alternatively, the hole also makes a good bullet vibe holder. I experimented with vibrations a little bit using my We-Vibe Tango, and the silicone does transfer them nicely. The only thing I really dislike about the handle is that you can’t sit on it comfortably. I tried once, and it jabbed into my ass cheeks painfully.

Added attention while cleaning is necessary as the Bendy Beads trap fecal matter and lube in the ridges between each bead and a little bit in the texture. It is not as difficult to clean as some of the other sex toys I own, but I do have to scrub it a little with a wash cloth or an old, unused, soft-bristle toothbrush to get in between all the nooks and crannies. Of course, this won’t apply as much to you if the inside of your butt hole is perfectly clean all the time or you use condoms with this toy. Being made of silicone means that the Bendy Beads can easily be thrown in the dishwasher, boiled, or wiped down with a 10% bleach solution to sanitize them. I really like the bleaching option, because it helps to reduce the retention of butt smells in the silicone. Just make sure to rinse that shit off completely when you are finished. Bleach is bad for butts.

Because they are so flexible the beads tend to bend away from the body which makes them difficult to push in. This is unfortunately the biggest downfall of the Bendy Beads. These are completely counter-intuitive to the way most of us insert our sex toys. Unlike the Tantus Ripple, these beads are NOT for thrusting. You have to manually insert each individual bead by pushing it in with your fingers. I recommend gloves for this, especially because if you are pushing the beads in and pulling them out more than once they are going to get covered in lubricant and fecal matter and things will get messy. These beads are definitely easier to use with a partner doing all the work of inserting them for you. If you are not flexible enough or if you have a disability that prevents you from comfortably reaching your hands down right next to your asshole for long periods of time then the Bendy Beads may not be for you.

I can not thrust with them, but pushing each bead in slowly and enjoying the way they stretch my sphincter feels nice. Once the beads are in I like to just clench my muscles around them and enjoy the texture. My first time pulling them out was a little anti-climactic. In terms of orgasms these would probably work better for those who have a prostate. The beads feel good, but I had to couple them with clitoral stimulation or some g-spot magic in order to fully enjoy the experience. I liked pulling them out slowly at the edge of climax. Anal play in general is great for making orgasms last longer and feel more intense, and the Bendy Beads did just that.

All minor flaws aside, I really do like the Fun Factory Bendy Beads, and I will definitely be using them again. They did not give me orgasms all by themselves- and I won’t make any sort of ridiculous claim that this is the only butt toy you will ever need- but they are decent for the price and are made of a high-quality material. I would like to try a few more sets of beads in the future for comparison purposes, but as my first real set I was satisfied. These are definitely worth trying if you are looking for an affordable pair of body-safe pair of anal beads.


You can buy the Fun Factory Bendy Beads from Good Vibrations HERE.


Good Vibrations sent me the Bendy Beads in exchange for my honest review.
Thank you Good Vibes! All my love and dildos.


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