Anal Sex: Essentials For Success

Is anal stimulation something that you want to experiment with?

Sensational is a good butt fucking, but good resources on fucking butts these days seem to be lacking. A controversial word war of appalling vs. amazing awaits any soul brave enough to navigate the ins and outs of internet anal culture. Finding a guide that does not include fearmongering or bullets pointing you in the wrong direction is comparable to uncovering a sex shop worker who refuses to recommend cheap, toxic, jelly dildos as good “beginner” toys.  Far from impossible, obviously, just irritatingly more difficult than it fucking should be.

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Learning the hard way about Toxic Sex Toys

Toxic/porous sex toysWhen I first began collecting sex toys, I thought I was being smart by only purchasing the cheapest items on amazon. In less than a year I bought over 100 sex toys/accessories, and I hadn’t spent more than 20 dollars on each toy. This was great for my wallet (at the time,) but it did some terrible things to my health. As it turns out, over ninety percent of the toys I bought were made of jelly or another toxic material. I was uneducated, and I wasn’t aware of the dangers of toxic sex toys, porous materials, phthalates, or parabens. Read more