Blog Tour: Panty Edition

Try All The Sex ToysI was recently tagged by an overwhelming number of wonderful people (including Ali’s Addiction, Red Hot Rosaline, and Ninja Sexology) to participate in this massive internet tour in which bloggers nominate each other to talk about our personal writing process. Each participant is given four questions regarding their blog and prompted to post their answers the following week. This tour was not started by sex bloggers, so I am really glad that it eventually reached our neck of the woods. Those of us who blog about sex in general have a lot to offer because we are having the type of conversations online that many people won’t in person. Sex bloggers often serve the role of educators, and we play an important part in teaching people about consent, contraceptives, anatomy, sex toys, relationships, etc. So, as a proud sex blogger, I welcome you to accompany me as I share a little about myself and my writing. Read more