This is a personal blog created, edited, and written by me, Pantophile Panic. I own all content posted on this site unless otherwise stated. All written content and images are not to be removed or copied from this website without my express permission. Editing of my posts by anyone other than myself is prohibited. Stolen content or plagiarism will not be tolerated.


The primary focus of this website is on reviewing sex toys and other adult products. All of my toys are either purchased out-of-pocket or sent to me for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. Complimentary products or any other form of compensation will not guarantee a positive review. I will never recommend products that I dislike or find to be harmful. Reviews are all based on personal experience and truthful opinion. No agent providing complimentary product(s) will have any impact or editorial influence involving the written content of my reviews.

Products I Accept

I am interested in reviewing a variety of adult products including sex toys, sex furniture, BDSM equipment, lubricants, safer sex products, lingerie, restraints, fetish gear, etc. I only use products that are body safe and phthalate free- such as glass, stainless steal, pure silicone, wood, ABS plastic, ceramic, aluminum, etc. I will not review any penetrative toys if they are made of a porous material. Lubricants must be glycol, glycerol, glycerine and paraben free. I am allergic to nickel.

Affiliate Links

This website is affiliated with several retailers and manufacturers. If you click on a provided link and buy something I will receive a small percentage of the sale. The purpose of affiliate links are to help keep up with the costs of web hosting, keeping my domain name, identity protection, and attending educational conferences such as Catalyst Con. Commissions earned via affiliate links do not affect the integrity of my writing in any way.


I accept monetary donations via PayPal so that my readers can show support for this blog. Donations will almost always go towards purchasing an item on my wishlist so that I can give it a proper review. Donators can send me links to toys that they would like for me to review. However, I will never purchase porous toys or any item that may be hazardous to my health. Likewise, I will not purchase any item that I know I will not use. While my readers may influence which items I choose to review next, donations will not affect the integrity of my writing in any way. All of my reviews will be based on my honest opinion.

Adult Content

This is a sex blog. In general, content posted will be directed at a mature audience only. My website is rated R for profanity, sexual themes, and possibly triggering material. Photographs of sex toys, nudity, etc are posted regularly. Read at your own discretion.


If you have any questions, you are always welcome to email me at PantophilePanic (at) gmail (dot) com