The LELO Ella is well known in the sex blogging community. Most people have lauded it as the ultimate g-spotting tool, or the first sex toy to ever teach them how to squirt. It has helped countless people find their G-spots and learn more about their bodies in general. It is loved by many, and disliked by few. With that being said I definitely agree with the general consensus that this is one of the best G-spot massagers out there.

The Ella is a luxury toy if I ever did see one. When examining it more closely the word “exquisite” comes to mind. The signature LELO box it arrives in is gorgeous and sturdy enough to reuse for storage. I do not have the space to keep a bunch of boxes around, but LELO has my back because the Ella comes with a satin storage pouch for that exact reason. Since it is made of a very matte silicone it does not attract a lot of lint anyway, but the satin bag still helps keep it clean which is nice.

One of the absolute best parts about the Ella is that it is completely body safe. I know that I have said this about a million times, but medical grade silicone is one of the greatest materials out there for sex toys. Not only is it completely odorless and tasteless, but it is also nontoxic, nonporous, and easy to sanitize. You can boil it, throw it in the dishwasher, or soak it in a 10% bleach solution. Whichever method you choose to disinfect the Ella you can always be sure that it will be safe to put into your body. You will never hear horror stories about this dildo giving people chemical burns.

It is a double-ended dildo which means it has two usable ends. When I think of a “double dildo” I typically picture something that could be simultaneously inserted into two different people, but at just over seven inches long this particular dildo is a little short for that type of play. My G-spot is only located a couple inches deep inside my vagina, so it is easy for me to reach with the Ella, but if you typically have a hard time reaching your G-spot because you need to get really deep in there then you may want to opt for something with a longer handle.

Coming in at around 1.25 to 1.4 inches in diameter the Ella is a lot slimmer than I was expecting it to be -especially on the curved end. If you require a lot of girth in a toy then you may find that the Ella is too small for your needs. If you are looking for something a little bit thinner than the average sized penis then this would be a great candidate. I would definitely recommend it to any sex toy n00b trying to locate their G-spot.

One of my favorite ways to warm up with the Ella is to rub the flat end against my clitoris, rocking it back and forth. The silicone is very firm. Probably some of the firmest I have ever seen. It has a silky smooth finish not unlike my beloved Neo Plug. I am a pressure fanatic and this dildo definitely delivers in that department. The neck has a bit of flexibility to it, but not too much. Once I am aroused and have a decent erection I like to switch over to a clitoral vibrator and get some penetration going on with the Ella. The silicone is not especially draggy, but I still like to use a good amount of water based lube to make insertion easier.

I almost always start with the straight end when fucking myself with this dildo. I like that it is smaller towards the tip and progressively get wider. It is the more filling of the two sides and is best for squeezing with my PC muscles. Thrusting with it massages my G-spot gently. The only thing I really dislike is that this end is a little too pointy for my liking. If I thrust too hard with it sometimes it will jab my cervix in a painful way. So when things start getting serious and I feel like I am getting closer to orgasm that is when I will switch over to the G-spotting end.

Sadly, the pointy end is pretty useless as a handle, especially after it gets covered in lube and vaginal fluids. I often have to stop what I am doing and wipe it off with a towel before I can get a good enough grip to begin thrusting with it again. Both the shape and smoothness make it difficult to hold onto even when it is dry. This really sucks if you have joint pain.

Somehow I am able to push past the physical suffering in my hand by focusing on my sense of impending orgasm. I clutch the Ella as tightly as I can, insert the flat tip, locate my G-spot, and then thrust with all the energy left in my dominant arm until I reach orgasm. Keep in mind that I am still using a clitoral vibrator at this point. Sometimes I squirt; sometimes I don’t. All I know is that the G-spotting head on the Ella is fucking divine and it gets me off almost every time.

Cleaning the Ella is easy for the most part. I usually just wash it off with soap and run it under some hot water in my bathroom sink for regular cleaning. The fancy LELO logo is indented into the silicone; which is annoying because it traps lube, vaginal fluids, and subsequently germs if you fail to clean it out properly. I bought a regular toothbrush from the dollar store specifically for times like these when there are hard to reach areas on my toys that need to be scrubbed. The tiny letters take minimal effort to clean out, but it still irritates me that they exist there, on the insertable portion of my sex toy, in the first place.

I have already stated that this is one of my favorite dildos, so why might somebody not like the Ella? I personally think that the shape is fantastic for stimulating the G-spot, but the biggest complaint I have heard is that the Ella may hook on your pubic bone in an uncomfortable way.

If you have had this problem with similarly shaped toys then this may not work well for you. If you are unsure whether you will experience this issue with the Ella you can try a pretty simple test at home. Take your index and middle fingers and curl them into a hook shape. Insert them inside your vagina with your finger tips facing the front of your body as if you are going to massage your G-spot. Then, while keeping your fingers very firm, try pulling them straight out. (It may be easier to have a partner help you with this.) If your fingers get stuck on your pubic in a painful way or it rubs against it uncomfortably then the LELO Ella may not be the right dildo for you. However, if instead this general curved shape massages the vaginal walls in a pleasurable way and you find yourself wanting more of that type of stimulation then this may just be the perfect toy for you.


I love my Ella. You can buy yours HERE.


The Burlesque Toy Shop sent me the Ella in exchange for my honest review.
Unfortunately, they are no longer in business. Thank you Burlesque Toy Shop!
It was a pleasure working with you.

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