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Amazing G-spot vibrator or pubic bone thumping menace? Behold, the Picobong Moka. The shape is what originally drew me towards it. It very closely resembles the LELO Ella dildo, which I also recently reviewed, so I expected that I would love it equally if not more. It is made of hard ABS plastic with a smooth silicone finish, so it is slightly less flexible than the pure silicone Ella. It is also slightly longer, with a bigger curve, and the g-spotting head has more surface area.

My feelings about the Moka as a g-spotting toy are pretty mixed. Sometimes I use this vibe and find that it works wonderfully. The flat wide tip makes it easy to stimulate my g-spot and the vibrations feel pleasant internally, but the radical curve and the Moka’s rigidity make a bad combination when it comes to my anatomy in particular because that edge occasionally hooks onto my pubic bone in a painful way.

I have found that warming up with larger toys helps ease the pain that sometimes comes with using the vibe internally, but on most days I prefer just using the Moka for clitoral stimulation. It has eleven different vibration patterns in addition to a constant buzz. None of which are extraordinary or make it any easier for me to get off, but if you like patterns the Moka’s got ’em. The intensity ranges from a very gentle rumble to a decently powerful buzz. The motor is fairly quiet even on the highest setting.

Although the Moka has a surprising amount of oomph for only using 2 AAA batteries I still find it difficult to get off with it clitorally because the vibrations get more buzzy as you increase the strength. I like my vibrations to be deep and rumbly. I need pressure on my clit. The Moka’s vibrations were just a little too surface level and could not sufficiently stimulate the internal portion of my clitoris no matter how hard I pressed the toy into my glans.

I dislike battery operated toys in general; mainly because they often have less rumbly vibrations, but also because batteries can get expensive real fast. Picobong claims that the Moka lasts 2 hours with a pair of new batteries, but warns that using rechargeable batteries may result in less power, which is sort of a bummer for those of us who like to save money and need all the power we can get.

I especially dislike those little battery compartment twisty caps that can pop off unexpectedly during my masturbation sessions. This problem is not quite as prevalent with the Moka as in some toys where the speed of the vibe is adjusted by twisting near the base where the case is located, but I still had to adjust the way I normally hold my sex toys when thrusting to avoid accidentally turning off the toy and the batteries flying out.

So much for being bath time safe. The Moka is advertised as being waterproof up to a depth of three feet, but the battery compartment pops open so easily that I am always super nervous about taking this toy with me to use anywhere near water. I do sometimes masturbate with it in the bath and it has not failed me yet. Then again, I am super careful (read: paranoid) about the cap coming off so I am typically pretty gentle with it. I am not certain it would still work if water were to flow openly into the chamber.

ButtonsIn terms of being user-friendly the Moka performs ok. There are three buttons on the left side of the toy. This is a good configuration for me because my right hand does not rest on the buttons, but it may be bothersome for some people depending on which hand they primarily use during masturbation. The buttons all sort of feel the same to me in use; which irritates me mildly because I have accidentally hit the wrong button, changed the setting, and completely ruined my own orgasm more times than I would like to admit.

I don’t like that if I press the middle button and accidentally skip the vibration pattern I liked that I have to cycle through all twelve others again just to get back to it. I would much rather have two pattern buttons so I could at least cycle backwards. For this reason I prefer to keep it on the default steady vibrations, and I can always reset it back to this mode by quickly by turning the Moka off and on again.

I don’t have anything against the Picobong Moka. It may not be a perfect match for my body, and it may have a slightly screwy battery compartment, but it is still a fairly good g-spot vibrator for the price. It is made of body safe materials. It is quiet. It has a lot of power for the little batteries it takes. It is safe to use in the bath or shower as long as you are careful. If you don’t mind buzzy vibrations and you like toys with a more intense g-spotting curve then the Moka may work well for you.


You can buy the Moka G-Vibe in a beautiful blue, purple, or hot pink from Peepshow Toys HERE.

If you are interested in the Ella dildo you can read my review HERE or buy one for yourself HERE.

I have posted some comparison photos of the two toys below.

 Peepshow Toys sent me the Moka in exchange for my honest review.
Thank you Peepshow! All my love and sex toys.

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