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Neo PlugThis beautiful hunk of 100% medical grade silicone is the Neo plug. I have been lusting after this thing for a while, and the wonderful folks at Tantus answered my hopes and dreams when they sent it to me for review. Spoiler alert: this thing is fucking awesome. In fact, if you like anal play then you should probably stop what you are doing and buy one. You can get it for less than $40. It is smooth, butt-cheek compatible, and easy to insert. It is great for thrusting and even long term wear.

Are there any downsides to the Neo Plug? I have seriously rattled my brain, and there are no flaws as far as I can tell. It may not be curved for prostate stimulation, it may not be especially large, it may not be textured, it may not vibrate, it may not be soft and squishy, but the overall design is solid. It does exactly what I expected it to, and I really enjoyed using it. Five unicorns out of five.

Sometimes I have trouble inserting silicone toys anally because they tend to squish and bend away from my body. Thankfully, the Neo Plug is made of some of the firmest silicone that I have ever used which makes insertion a breeze. It feels very velvety and has a matte finish. I spent maybe the first half hour with my plug rubbing it against my face because it is so silky smooth. The Neo Plug has a slight seam going around it because it was made via an injection mold rather than the silicone being poured. However, this is not an issue because the seam is completely unnoticeable during use. One of my favorite things about the surface of this plug is that it does not pick up lint nearly as much as any of my other silicone toys. Lubricant is important for any type of anal play, but this silicone is not particularly draggy which is nice.

neoFinding quality butt toys that have a comfortable and functional flared base can be difficult. The Neo Plug’s anchor-shaped base is thin, ergonomic, and curves to the shape of my body. It is imperceptible while still making me feel confident that this plug wont get lost inside my ass while I am using it. The base also makes a nice resting place for two fingers to hold onto while masturbating with the plug. The only complication with the base that I can imagine is if someone wanted to try double penetration while wearing this plug; the base might get in the way of accessing the vagina depending on one’s anatomy.

I did not personally encounter any problems while using this plug for DP. In fact, my experience of fucking while wearing the Neo Plug went surprisingly well. I had the plug fully inserted in my butt while my partner penetrated my vagina with their penis. Having the plug inserted made my vag feel extremely tight; which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what one is trying to achieve during double penetration. I found it to be very stimulating in a good way and neither of us experienced any pain or discomfort. This toy passed my true plug test when it stayed in place the entire night even during rough activity and various positions. Also, the Neo did an excellent job of warming up for anal sex when I finally did decide to remove the plug.

NeoThis right here is a bona-fide butt plug, folks. The thing I love most about the Neo is its shape. It may look a little pointy, but it is fairly rounded at the top and the tapered end actually stretches the sphincter gently and makes it painless to insert. At 1.4 inches in diameter it is a little less girthy than the average sized penis. It is fairly short so it does not sit uncomfortably deep inside the body. The neck is slim enough that the risk of the plug popping out is minimal unless I am actively trying to push it out.

It is that perfect shape which makes the Neo Plug ideal for long-term wearing. I have successfully exercised, danced, cooked, cleaned, masturbated, and napped while wearing the Neo Plug, but my favorite was just sitting down and rocking on it while I worked on my computer. If you are interested in something for wearing outside of the house the Neo is fantastic because it is easily concealed under clothing.

The Neo Plug a great option for people who are looking for a comfortable plug that is going to stay in place for long term use. It is also fantastic for relaxing the sphincter as a way to warm up for more advanced anal play. This toy is probably not going to give you magical orgasms all by itself, but if you already know you like anal play then this is definitely something I recommend having in your toy box. I personally use this plug on a regular basis, not just as a sex toy but also as a reference when comparing the pros and cons of other butt plugs.  Now, there is never going to be a sex toy that is going to work for everybody all the time. However, the Neo plugs pretty damn close to being flawless in my books.


You can buy the Neo Plug in a classy purple or black from Tantus directly HERE.

If you prefer toys with texture you should check out the Twist Plug and Juice Plug,  also available from Tantus.


Tantus sent me the Neo Plug in exchange for my honest review.
Thank you Tantus! All my love and butt plugs.


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