Ripple Small

photo 4Like most Tantus toys, the Ripple Small is made of smooth, glossy, silicone. This is one of the best materials out there, especially for anal toys. It is non-porous, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, phthalate free, paraben free, boilable, bleachable, and dishwasher safe. Spending more than a couple bucks on a toy may seem like a luxury for some, but this is a butt toy essential. Also, with Tantus Grab-Bags you can get this toy for $16.99. Seriously. That is the same amount that I have spent on shitty rubber toys, and silicone can last you a fucking lifetime. You do the math.

In my opinion, this is the type of toy that anyone interested in exploring anal play should try at least once. It is very flexible, but also firm enough for smooth entry, and (this is where it won me over) the shape is perfect for gentle thrusting. Because the beads are so close together, it slides more easily than traditional anal beads. That popping sensation is less intense, sure, but the way it massages my sphincter is so stimulatingin all the right ways. This is a toy that is meant to be played with, and that brings me to my next point.

This is not a plug. I repeat this is NOT a plug. When I tried to fully insert the probe the way I do with my Ryder, it just kept popping out. The insertable portion of the Ripple Small is only about one inch in diameter at the widest point, and the size difference between the last bead and the toy’s neck is not enough for my ass to clench around. It makes for a solid anal work-out, but I think of a plug as something that I can put in my butt and walk around with. Instead, the Ripple Small reminds me of a combination between regular anal beads and the Tantus Silk Small dildo. It is fantastic for both thrusting, and or gently pulling out at the brink of orgasm.

I do not have a prostate so I can not speak for those who do in terms of anal orgasms, but I can speak from my own experience. The Ripple Small alone has never brought me to orgasm, but that does not make it any less of a brilliant toy. My orgasms last longer and feel more intense when I couple anal play with clitoral or g-spot stimulation. With that being said, the Ripple is absolutely delightful when used during partner play or with another good toy. Personally, I like to use it with the We-Vibe Salsa nestled on my clitoris.

Unfortunately, this is not a toy without flaws. I love the circular flared base because it prevents the toy from being lost inside me, but at the same time it does not sit right between my ass cheeks. It is uncomfortable to sit on, which is the only way to keep it from popping out (this is especially frustrating if you just want something to clench around,) and it covers the lower half of my vulva making double penetration difficult. This is where I actually prefer the shape of more traditional anal beads and their O-ring bases.

The bottom line? The Ripple Small is an awesome beginner’s toy because it is smooth, thin, flexible, body-safe, and has a flared base (even if it is not butt-cheek compatible.) I would recommend it to anyone interested in trying anal beads for the first time, intensifying their orgasms, or simply looking for something different to add to their collection. I would not recommend this to someone who is looking for a stay-in-place butt plug or a particularly filling toy. If you like the shape are looking for something similar, but with added girth, I would also highly recommend the Ripple Large.


You can buy the Ripple Small from Tantus Directly HERE or for their awesome grab-bag price HERE.


  1. This sounds great! Usually when I am using a toy for prolonged orgasm I don’t need double penetration, so this sounds like a fantastic toy for me. And $16.99 doesn’t sound like a bad price to pay.

  2. Memories! The Ripple Small and Ripple Large were my first two anal toys. I didn’t full get the difference between beads and probes until I noticed how much space the base takes up, so I see your point there *laughs*

  3. PANPAN! I’ve always thought about getting a Ripple Small, but I’m a little scared because I’m really an anal noob. After reading your review, and knowing that it’s better than those traditional anal bead, maybe I think I should still take my courage and try this one out…=P
    Great first review girl! <3

    1. Go for it! I think you would really like it. In fact, if I remember your review of the Little Flirt, you may even want to skip the Ripple Small and go for the Large! The top bead of the Ripple Large is the same size as the biggest bead of the Small. It is a great toy for beginners who want to be able to slowly work their way up to larger toys because you can take it one bead at a time. Remember to use lots of water-based lube, and have fun!

  4. Great review! You mentioned a lot of the important things to do with the toy (size, material, shape) and I liked that you mentioned that it isn’t really a plug and talked about an alternative.

    The only thing that seems to be missing here is more photographs. I did a poll on my blog and people seemed to think photos were the second important thing in a review. I do like the one you have – the background is pretty! – but it’d be nice to see more of them :)

    I also think you should sign up to be a Tantus affiliate since you have a lot of their toys already!

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