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photo 2The wonderful folks at Tantus broke a new record by sending me my first cock ring ever to review. The Super Soft C-Ring is made of 100% medical grade silicone. If you are considering buying your first cock ring, and you are hoping for something soft and moderately stretchy, I highly recommend that you consider the Super Soft. This is the most affordable silicone ring that I have found at only $9.99. It is stretchy enough to go on either erect or flaccid. Most importantly, it is phthalate free, paraben free, and virtually non-porous.

Unfortunately, I am unequipped to review such a toy by myself. I lack the necessary components to complete my testing alone; which is why I will be introducing my partner, Salem. He is a simple man, with an average sized penis and a love of all things sex. However, he is admittedly leery about using toys on himself. The only sex toy he had ever tried up until this point was a disposable masturbation sleeve. He agreed to help me with my reviews on the condition that I would never make him try anything too intimidating.

He was initially hesitant when I showed him the package for the Super Soft C-Ring, but he quickly lightened up when he saw how non-threatening the ring itself was. I demonstrated the silicone’s elasticity, and addressed his fears with reassurance that it would not “get stuck around his genitals, cut off the circulation, and or result in a trip to the emergency room.” We played with it together for a while- stretching it, wearing it as a bracelet, and shooting it across the room like a rubber band-  before he decided that he was comfortable enough to use it. The initial phase of testing then began by sending him on a mission.

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My first request was that he masturbate alone while wearing the cock ring. When he reported back to me, the first thing he emphasized was the importance of using enough lube. For the purpose of this review, I gave him a bottle of my favorite water-based lubricant. This was vital to his success with the toy as he has moderate to long pubic hair and it hurt him when he failed to use enough of it while donning or removing the toy. He agreed that the cock ring by its own nature was not the problem and that, in combination with enough lubricant, it slid on fairly easily.

The main purpose of a cock ring is to create harder, longer lasting erections by allowing blood to flow into the penis but not to let it flow back out. Therefore, I was not surprised when my partner expressed a little discomfort at the new sensation. He says that it caused him no pain, and that it was a good fit for his average sized penis, but that he would not want to wear it for long periods of time. His experience masturbating while wearing the ring went well. He claims that it did seem to make his penis noticeably harder, but he did not receive any extra pleasure from it. That is, until he reached orgasm.

When a cock ring is placed behind the testes on the base of one’s cock, it prevents the testicles from retracting into the body during ejaculation. Consequently, wearing the ring increased the intensity of Salem’s orgasm by prolonging it for approximately 5-6 second. An additional 5 seconds may not sound like a lot, but in regards to orgasms that is actually pretty phenomenal. Tantus advertises that “the constriction takes orgasm from about 6 seconds to up to 45 seconds.” Sit down and actually look at a stop watch for a minute. Get a feel for how long 10 seconds or 45 seconds actually lasts. Imagine having an orgasm for that amount of time.

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The second portion of testing involved examining the ring for myself and stretching it around several of my other toys for the purpose of demonstrating its size. The Super Soft C-ring only comes in at about 1.5 inches in diameter, but it is made of a much stretchier silicone than what I have seen on most of my other toys. It is not as squishy as the outer layer of the Tantus O2 line, and it is not as stretchy as some TPR or TPE cock rings, but it does fit around my girthiest toy (the Cush.) Hell, I could put my entire foot through the ring if I tried. However, because the tightness may be uncomfortable, I hypothesize that people who happen to be equipped with a larger than average penis may want to opt for something like the Beginner C-Ring instead. It is much less stretchy than the Super Soft, but it has a wider diameter coming in at around 2 inches which may make it more comfortable to wear and easier to remove.

I decided to be a little more intimate in our third and final phase of testing. This time, I put the ring on him and proceeded to take notes. Feel free to imagine me wearing a lab coat and a g-string. The first thing that I observed was that he was unbelievably, instantly, harder. Salem is a younger man, and he has never had trouble getting hard or maintaining an erection. So, I was not expecting it to actually make a difference. The ring presents him in a way that makes his cock stand out more and look larger, and it was definitely more firm during use. While we were having sex I noticed that he was able to hit my g-spot more effectively while wearing the ring.

He was able to last considerably longer before reaching orgasm, and he maintained an erection even when we paused our activities so that I could take notes. It did not seem to affect his sensitivity in either direction; he just felt more in control of his ability to ejaculate when he wanted to. He says that this ring would be great for people who have trouble maintaining an erection or struggle with premature ejaculation. When he finally came, I timed him. His orgasm lasted for fifteen seconds. This was considerably longer than usual. He reaffirmed that he actually sort of liked the ring and that we would be using it in the future to intensify his orgasms.

Personally, I love our new C-Ring. It is effective in making him harder, helping him last longer, intensifying his orgasms, and giving me a reason to fuck in a lab coat. Salem would like to warn others that wearing a cock ring is an acquired taste, and not everyone will find it comfortable or like wearing it behind their testicles. It is definitely something that each individual should experiment with themselves. If you have never tried a cock ring, this is an affordable and smart option to test the waters. If you already know that you like cock rings, and are interested in a high-quality, body safe material, then we definitely recommend that you try this one.

You can buy the Super Soft C-Ring in beautiful red, purple, or black HERE.


Tantus sent me the Super Soft C-ring in exchange for my honest review.
Thank you Tantus! All my love and cock rings.


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