Today’s review features a 100% silicone dildo sent to me by the wonderful folks at SheVibe. The Velvet is the smallest in a line of uniquely shaped dildos made by Fuze Silicone. These toys were designed to be used in a strap-on harness and stimulate the wearer with lovely ridges at the base. There is also a hole at the bottom for inserting a tiny bullet vibrator into.

This toy was designed specifically so that it would be long enough to use in a strap-on harness and slim enough for those who want less girth. It is about five and a half inches long, and only one inch wide. Fuze does make larger dildos with the same basic design if you like the shape but need something with more width. It is moderately representational with a defined head and veins around the shaft.

The Velvet does have a slight curve and a pronounced head, but I found that it was not the greatest for g-spot stimulation. It is simply not firm or angled enough to hit the right spot for me. The size is not what I would call filling, although I do enjoy using it as a warm up toy. One of my favorite experiences while using the Velvet was when I turned it upside down, inserted the dildo vaginally, and rubbed the vibrating base against my clitoris. I really liked the duel stimulation. However, this way of using the toy may be specific to my anatomy and will not work for everyone.

As a vibrator the silicone transfers the sensation nicely. Unfortunately however, when you buy the Velvet it does not even include a micro bullet vibe to use with the dildo. This is kind of a rip off, especially if you are going to have to pay an extra $5-15 for a cheap bullet vibe. I absolutely hate those things. They take watch batteries, they only have between 1-3 settings, the vibrations are really weak and buzzy, and they always end up dying on you relatively quickly anyway. If you were going to use a vibrator with the Velvet then I would recommend investing in the We-Vibe Tango which is very strong and rechargeable.

My biggest issue with using the Velvet as a vibrator is that the hole for the vibe does not go in very deep. Therefore most of the vibes I tried using ended up falling out very easily, especially if I was rocking my hips and thrusting a lot while wearing it as a strap-on. This can be extremely frustrating when you are in the middle of getting it on with your partner and all of a sudden the vibrating bullet abandons ship and starts rattling on the tile floor obnoxiously.

The benefit to what I see as a flaw in the design is that the little bullet vibrators are much less likely to get stuck in the dildo with this shallow design. If you have ever broken your favorite bullet vibe because you had to force it out of the base of a dildo with a pair of pliers then you will understand exactly what I am talking about. I have never had a problem removing a vibrating bullet from my Velvet.

Often times one of the biggest problems people have when getting into using a strap-on for the first time is that the wearer cannot always feel a dildo as much as they might like to when wearing it in a harness. Some strap-on dildos attempt to eliminate this problem by having two ends, one that can be inserted into the wearers body and the other end that is for using with their partner. The problem is that not everybody likes penetration, or enjoys it all the time. It is obvious to me that the folks at Fuze created this toy with the intention of giving wearers the chance to get something different out of their strap-on experience.

The base of the toy is egg shaped and curved with ridges to stimulate the wearer’s genitals externally during use. This texture felt wonderful when I used the dildo in my harness, but only if I was using my hips a lot like during intense pelvic thrusting. It is fantastic for clitoral stimulation if you are moving the base manually. Unfortunately, if you have longish pubic hair the silicone pulls and drags on the hair and feels terrible. Using a water-based lubricant helped a little, but got messy real fast. If you dislike shaving then this is something you should consider before you buy this dildo and use it directly on the skin.

Another important topic is what harness you should use with the Velvet. This dildo does not come with a strap-on harness, which is probably a good thing because finding the right size and shaped harness for your needs is just as important as the dildo you are using when it comes to strapping on. For the purpose of this review I paired my Fuze Velvet dildo with the Vibrating Velvet Harness by Sportsheets which is highly adjustable. There are two different ways one can wear the Fuze Velvet dildo in a harness. 1. Using the toy in a harness with a backing or 2. using the toy in a harness directly against the body (ideally so that it is touching the parts you want to stimulate.)

The first way does not allow you to feel the base and all that texture, but it does work just as effectively as any other strap-on dildo. The slight curve and firm-ish silicone makes it stand erect and proud in the harness which makes it much easier to use than most straight/floppy sex toys. This method should work for people of all genders depending on the harness you use. Both my penis-equipped partner and myself were able to comfortably wear and use the Velvet dildo in this way.

The second way you can wear the Velvet is so the base of the dildo is resting directly on your genitals. If you have a penis and testicles then you may not enjoy using the Velvet in this way as it was designed for rubbing against the clitoris and labia. The thing I personally dislike about wearing it this way is that the dildo ends up between my legs when I want it to actually come into contact with my vulva. It hangs low which makes it harder to use in certain positions.

Overall, I think the Velvet is a pretty good toy for people who already have a good strap-on harness on hand and want to take advantage of the textured base. It is completely body safe and easy to clean. It is boilable, bleachable, and dishwasher safe. I think this is a great toy for people who enjoy penetration but need something slimmer than most other strap-on dildos. It was easy to use in a harness and the base was something I really enjoyed. It bothers me a little that it does not come with a bullet vibrator to use with it, but if you have already got one on hand or don’t mind spending the extra money (get the We-Vibe Tango) then what the hell.


You can buy the Fuze Velvet in a beautiful purple or black from SheVibe HERE.

If you are interested in something larger you should check out the 1.25″ Fuze Harmony, 1.5″ Alpha, or even the 1.75″ Wilde.

SheVibe sent me the Velvet in exchange for my honest review.
Thank you SheVibe! All my love and dildos.


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